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Emalon the Storm Watcher is a storm giant boss, located in the eastern wing of the Vault of Archavon.

Is considered the second boss of the Vault of Archavon Raid, one of the most hard if you don't have good gears.

Attacks and AbilitiesEdit

  • Chain Lightning - Strikes an enemy with a blast of lightning that inflicts any amount of Nature damage. The damage increases by 50% each time it jumps. Each Chain Lightning comes every 15 seconds.
  • Lightning Nova - Emit a pulse of energy that deals any amount of Nature damage to enemies within 20 yards.
  • Overcharge - Overcharge a random Tempest Minion.
  • 6 minute Berserk timer.

Tempest MinionsEdit

Four are present at the beginning of the fight; when one is killed, a new one spawns to replace it. Each has 100M health.

  • Tempest Minion
    Overcharged - Increases damage by 20%. Also increases size. Stacks up to 10 times. One stack is applied roughly every 2 seconds. The Tempest Minion will explode shortly after 10 stacks are reached, dealing any amount of nature damage to anyone inside the instance and likely wiping the raid. There will be a visible lightning-type animation and a large emote when Emalon empowers one of his minions with this effect. The first application of Overcharged fully heals the Tempest Minion.

Rewards Edit

T15 Token - Vanquisher
T15 Token - Protector
T15 Weapon Token
Daily Haste Tabard III
Vault Leather Waist
Vault Plate Couplings
Chains of Adoration
Boots of Persuasion
Paladin Retail T11
Mage Retail T11