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Koralon the Flame Watcher is a Fire giant boss, located in the western wing of the Vault of Archavon.

Is considered the first raid boss of the Vault of Archavon Raid, one of the most hard if you don't have good gears.

Attacks and Abilities Edit

  • Meteor Fists – Attacks inflict damage split evenly with one other target within 10 yards of the primary target. Applies Meteor Fists. Duration: 15 seconds.
    • Meteor Fists – Inflicts 100 to 125% Fire weapon damage, split with a nearby target.
  • Burning Breath – Inflicts any amount of Fire damage to all targets every 1 second for 3 seconds.
  • Flaming Cinder – Inflicts any amount of and another amount Fire damage every 1 second to enemies within 4 yards of the Burning Cinder. Leaves a spot of blazing fire on the ground.
  • Burning Fury – Increases damage dealt by 5%. Activated when Koralon is engaged and stacks every 20 seconds.

Rewards Edit

T15 Token - Vanquisher
T15 Token - Conqueror
Chains of Adoration
Fleshless Girdle
Strong Handle Ring
Vault Leather Feet
Vault Mail Binding
DK Reatil T11