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Lucifron is one of the four flamewaker captains of Ragnaros, and the first boss of Molten Core.

Among the ranks of the flamewakers, overseers and their guards constantly jockey for higher status among the hierarchy of elementals in hopes of gaining favor with Ragnaros. Lucifron is no exception. He has clashed with Gehennas on several occasions, particularly during their incarceration within the Elemental Plane. This rivalry has now extended to the Molten Core where Lucifron quietly waits for his opportunity to capitalize on any weakness shown by the other flamewakers.[1] Lucifron, and his two Flamewaker Protector guards, can be found watching over the enormous core hound Magmadar, favored pet of Ragnaros.

Attacks and Abilities Edit


Lucifron Edit

Impending Doom
Inflicts 2000 Shadow damage to nearby enemies after 10 sec.
Dispel Type: Magic
School: Shadow
Radius: 40 yards
Lucifron's Curse
Curses nearby enemies, increasing the costs of their spells and abilities by 100% for 5 min. This cost increase applies to all spells and abilities, whether they cost mana, rage, energy, runes, or runic power.
Dispel Type: Curse
School: Shadow
Radius: 40 yards
Shadow Shock
Instantly lashes nearby enemies with dark magic, inflicting Shadow damage.
School: Shadow
Radius: 20 yards
383px-Flamewaker Protector

Flamewaker Protectors Edit

Approximately 35000k (35M) HP.
  • Cleave
Inflicts normal damage to an enemy and its nearest allies, affecting up to 5 targets.
School: Physical
  • Dominate Mind
Takes control of a humanoid enemy for 15 sec.
Dispel Type: Magic
School: Shadow

Rewards Edit

Satchel of Helpful Goods
Shaman's Fierce Core Faceguard
Warlock's Core Hood
Mage's Core Hood