Compiled list of raid drops.

  • Naxxramas

Creature Name, Item Name.

Plague Wing

"Noth the Plaguebringer"    "Stalk-Skin Belt"  

"Noth the Plaguebringer"    "Footwraps of Vile Deceit"  

"Noth the Plaguebringer"    "Esteemed Bindings"  

"Noth the Plaguebringer"    "Bands of Mutual Respect"    

"Noth the Plaguebringer"    "Bindings of the Expansive Mind"  

"Noth the Plaguebringer"    "Boots of Forlorn Wishes"

"Noth the Plaguebringer"    "Girdle of Recuperation"    

"Noth the Plaguebringer"    "Hood of the Exodus"    

"Noth the Plaguebringer"    "Leggings of Failed Escape"    

"Noth the Plaguebringer"    "Leggings of Fleeting Moments"    

"Noth the Plaguebringer"    "Gothik's Cowl"  

"Noth the Plaguebringer"    "Mantle of the Fatigued Sage"  

"Noth the Plaguebringer"    "Leggings of Voracious Shadows"    

"Noth the Plaguebringer"    "Bone-Inlaid Legguards"  

"Noth the Plaguebringer"    "Boots of the Great Construct"    

"Noth the Plaguebringer"    "Icy Blast Amulet"        

"Heigan the Unclean"    "Bandit's Insignia"  

"Heigan the Unclean"    "Rune of Repulsion"    

"Heigan the Unclean"    "Extract of Necromantic Power"    

"Heigan the Unclean"    "Cosmic Lights"    

"Heigan the Unclean"    "Ring of Decaying Beauty"  

"Heigan the Unclean"    "Legwraps of the Defeated Dragon"  

"Heigan the Unclean"    "Noble Birthright Pauldrons"  

"Heigan the Unclean"    "Ceaseless Pity"  

"Heigan the Unclean"    "Legguards of the Boneyard"    

"Heigan the Unclean"    "Gloves of Grandeur"  

"Heigan the Unclean"    "Sympathy"    

"Heigan the Unclean"    "Soul of the Dead"  

"Heigan the Unclean"    "Boots of the Escaped Captive"  

"Heigan the Unclean"    "Robes of Mutation"    

"Heigan the Unclean"    "Daily Haste Shirt I"    

"Heigan the Unclean"    "Daily Haste Shirt II"    

"Heigan the Unclean"    "Daily Haste Shirt III"    

"Heigan the Unclean"    "Daily Haste Tabard III"  

"Heigan the Unclean"    "Daily Haste Tabard II"  

"Heigan the Unclean"    "Daily Haste Tabard I"    

"Heigan the Unclean"    "Naxxramas Coin"    

"Loatheb"    Tier 14 Chest and Legs - All Classes

"Loatheb"    "Daily Haste Shirt I"  

"Loatheb"    "Daily Haste Shirt II"    

"Loatheb"    "Daily Haste Shirt III"  

"Loatheb"    "Daily Haste Tabard III"  

"Loatheb"    "Daily Haste Tabard II"    

"Loatheb"    "Daily Haste Tabard I"  

"Loatheb"    "Naxxramas Coin"    

Spider Wing

(Needs Updating)

"Anub'Rekhan"    "Book of Glyph Mastery"    

"Anub'Rekhan"    "Low-Level Raid Emblem"  

"Grand Widow Faerlina"   Tier 14 Shoulder and Chest - All Classes

"Grand Widow Faerlina"    "Daily Haste Shirt I"  

"Grand Widow Faerlina"    "Daily Haste Shirt II"  

"Grand Widow Faerlina"    "Daily Haste Shirt III"  

"Grand Widow Faerlina"    "Daily Haste Tabard III"  

"Grand Widow Faerlina"    "Daily Haste Tabard II"  

"Grand Widow Faerlina"    "Daily Haste Tabard I"    

"Grand Widow Faerlina"    "Naxxramas Coin"    

"Maexxna"    "Desecrated Past"    

"Maexxna"    "Cowl of Vanity"    

"Maexxna"    "Spaulders of Incoherence"  

"Maexxna"    "Sympathetic Amice"    

"Maexxna"    "Cover of Silence"  

"Maexxna"    "Faceguard of the Succumbed"  

"Maexxna"    "Pauldrons of the Abandoned"  

"Maexxna"    "Cincture of Polarity"  

"Maexxna"    "Wraps of the Persecuted"    

"Maexxna"    "Headpiece of Fungal Bloom"  

"Maexxna"    "Shoulderpads of Secret Arts"    

"Maexxna"    "Gauntlets of Guiding Touch"    

"Maexxna"    "Chestpiece of Suspicion"  

"Maexxna"    "Faithful Steel Sabatons"  

"Maexxna"    "Daily Haste Shirt I"  

"Maexxna"    "Daily Haste Shirt II"  

"Maexxna"    "Daily Haste Shirt III"    

"Maexxna"    "Daily Haste Tabard III"  

"Maexxna"    "Daily Haste Tabard II"  

"Maexxna"    "Daily Haste Tabard I"    

"Maexxna"    "Naxxramas Coin"        

Military Wing

"Instructor Razuvious"    "Belt of False Dignity"  

"Instructor Razuvious"    "Bindings of Eternity"  

"Instructor Razuvious"    "Tunic of Prejudice"  

"Instructor Razuvious"    "Helm of Diminished Pride"  

"Instructor Razuvious"    "Infectious Skitterer Leggings"  

"Instructor Razuvious"    "Bindings of the Hapless Prey"  

"Instructor Razuvious"    "Sinner's Bindings"  

"Instructor Razuvious"    "Cowl of the Perished"    

"Instructor Razuvious"    "Distorted Limbs"  

"Instructor Razuvious"    "Quivering Tunic"    

"Instructor Razuvious"    "Digested Silken Robes"  

"Instructor Razuvious"    "Mantle of Shattered Kinship"  

"Instructor Razuvious"    "Thunderstorm Amulet"    

"Instructor Razuvious"    "Fool's Trial"    

"Instructor Razuvious"    "Chains of Adoration"  

"Gothik the Harvester"    "Dawnwalkers"    

"Gothik the Harvester"    "Arachnoid Gold Band"    

"Gothik the Harvester"    "Rescinding Grips"    

"Gothik the Harvester"    "Corpse Scarab Handguards"    

"Gothik the Harvester"    "Mantle of the Locusts"    

"Gothik the Harvester"    "Leggings of Atrophy"  

"Gothik the Harvester"    "Sash of the Parlor"  

"Gothik the Harvester"    "Swarm Bindings"    

"Gothik the Harvester"    "Cult's Chestguard"    

"Gothik the Harvester"    "Epaulets of the Grieving Servant"    

"Gothik the Harvester"    "Dislocating Handguards"    

"Gothik the Harvester"    "Punctilious Bindings"  

"Gothik the Harvester"    "Faerlina's Madness"  

"Gothik the Harvester"    "Atonement Greaves"  

"Four Horsemen Chest"    T14 Headpiece - All Classes

Construct Quarter

"Patchwerk"    "Strong-Handed Ring"  

"Patchwerk"    "Lost Jewel"  

"Patchwerk"    "Seized Beauty"    

"Patchwerk"    "Crippled Treads"  

"Patchwerk"    "Shoulderguards of Opportunity"  

"Patchwerk"    "Thrusting Bands"    

"Patchwerk"    "Gauntlets of the Disobedient"  

"Patchwerk"    "Tunic of Masked Suffering"  

"Patchwerk"    "Legguards of the Undisturbed"    

"Patchwerk"    "Gloves of the Fallen Wizard"  

"Patchwerk"    "Bands of Impurity"  

"Patchwerk"    "Belt of Potent Chanting"    

"Patchwerk"    "Leggings of Colossal Strides"  

"Patchwerk"    "Legguards of the Apostle"  

"Grobbulus"    "Aged Winter Cloak"    

"Grobbulus"    "Shroud of Luminosity"    

"Grobbulus"    "Cloak of the Shadowed Sun"    

"Grobbulus"    "Shawl of the Old Maid"    

"Grobbulus"    "Cloak of Averted Crisis"  

"Grobbulus"    "Dying Curse"  

"Grobbulus"    "Grim Toll"  

"Grobbulus"    "Defender's Code"    

"Grobbulus"    "Forethought Talisman"    

"Grobbulus"    "Bracers of Liberation"    

"Grobbulus"    "Depraved Linked Belt"  

"Grobbulus"    "Tunic of Indulgence"  

"Grobbulus"    "Girdle of Chivalry"  

"Grobbulus"    "Chestguard of the Exhausted"  

"Grobbulus"    "Origin of Nightmares"  

"Grobbulus"    "Twilight Mist"    

"Grobbulus"    "Slime Stream Bands"  

"Grobbulus"    "Fallout Impervious Tunic"    

"Grobbulus"    "Plague Igniter"    

"Grobbulus"    "Desecrated Past"    

"Grobbulus"    "Cowl of Vanity"    

"Grobbulus"    "Spaulders of Incoherence"  

"Grobbulus"    "Sympathetic Amice"  

"Grobbulus"    "Mantle of the Fatigued Sage"  

"Gluth"  Tier 14 Chest and Shoulders - All Classes

"Thaddius"    "Daily Haste Tabard II"  

"Thaddius"    "Daily Haste Shirt I"    

"Thaddius"    "Daily Haste Tabard I"    

"Thaddius"    "Daily Haste Shirt II"  

"Thaddius"    "Naxxramas Coin"  

"Thaddius"    "Daily Haste Shirt III"  

"Thaddius"    "Daily Haste Tabard III"  

"Thaddius"   Tier 14 Shoulder and headpiece - All Classes

Frostwyrm Lair

"Sapphiron"    "Naxxramas Coin"  

"Sapphiron"    "Broken Promise"    

"Sapphiron"    "Envoy of Mortality"  

"Sapphiron"    "Last Laugh"  

"Sapphiron"    "Calamity's Grasp"    

"Sapphiron"    "Armageddon"  

"Sapphiron"    "Webbed Death"  

"Sapphiron"    "Silent Crusader"    

"Sapphiron"    "Split Greathammer"  

"Sapphiron"    "Sinister Revenge"    

"Sapphiron"    "Arrowsong"    

"Sapphiron"    "Hero's Surrender"    

"Sapphiron"    "Wraith Strike"    

"Sapphiron"    "The Hand of Nerub"  

"Sapphiron"    "Twilight Mist"    

"Sapphiron"    "Angry Dread"    

"Sapphiron"    "The Turning Tide"    

"Sapphiron"    "The Impossible Dream"  

"Sapphiron"    "Shield of Assimilation"    

"Sapphiron"    "Plague Igniter"  

"Sapphiron"    "Wall of Terror"  

"Sapphiron"    "Damnation"    

"Sapphiron"    "Haunting Call"  

"Sapphiron"    "Widow's Fury"  

"Sapphiron"    "Spire of Sunset"    

"Sapphiron"    "Murder"    

"Sapphiron"    "Life and Death"    

"Sapphiron"    "Torch of Holy Fire"    

"Sapphiron"    "Inevitable Defeat"    

"Sapphiron"    "Betrayer of Humanity"    

"Sapphiron"    "Spinning Fate"    

"Sapphiron"    "Cryptfiend's Bite"    

"Sapphiron"    "Voice of Reason"  

"Sapphiron"    "The Jawbone"  

"Sapphiron"    "Journey's End"  

"Sapphiron"    "The Undeath Carrier"  

"Kelthuzard Chest"    "Naxxramas Coin"    

"Kelthuzard Chest"    Tier 14 Gloves - All Classes